Seminarios de Apple en línea

Apple pone al alcance de los usuarios una buena colección de seminarios gratuitos (previo registro) en línea que cubren muchos aspectos de la creación y el trabajo con Mac. Los seminarios requieren conexión de banda ancha y QuickTime 7 y están en inglés. Dentro, la lista de seminarios completa.

Design, Print & Graphic Design

See the Power Mac G5 Quad in action for design, print, and photo

See the difference for yourself during this free, on-demand seminar with Apple’s marketing managers Todd Benjamin, Jim Heiser, and Joseph Linaschke.

Russell Brown presents Mac OS X and Photoshop CS2

Join Photoshop expert Russell Brown for a look at the ultimate digital studio: Adobe Photoshop CS2, a Power Mac G5, and the 30″ Apple Cinema HD Display.

Optimize Your Creative Workgroup with Apple’s UNIX-Based Server Technology

Join Brent Haley as he demonstrates how to deploy, manage, and scale technologies for creative workgroups using the latest services included in Mac OS X Server.

Powering Creative Desktops with Mac OS X Tiger

Join Brent Haley, marketing manager for design and print market, as he goes under the hood and shows you the creative features of Mac OS X Tiger.

Font Management for Creative Professionals

Join Brent Haley, Apple marketing mgr, for an overview of font management capabilities in Mac OS X and to see solutions from Extensis and Insider Software.

Managing Your Creative Assets

Join Brent Haley, Apple marketing manager, for an overview of the latest storage solutions from Apple and an intro to asset management solutions.

Asset Management for Creative Workgroups: With Xserve G5 and Extensis Portfolio Server

Learn how you can better manage your photographs and creative assets with the winning combination of Apple Xserve and Extensis Portfolio Server.

Perfect Color Starts Here. With Apple Cinema Displays

Join the Apple Cinema Displays product manager to learn how adding an Apple display to your creative system can boost your color-viewing experience.

Development Tools

Maximizing Mac OS X Application Performance

Re-broadcast of the webcast discussion of the basics of optimization, how and why developers should turn a critical eye to the code they’ve just written.

Developers win with Mac OS X – Reap the rewards

Built on a rock-solid UNIX core and standards-based technologies, Mac OS X is hailed as the world’s most advanced operating system.

Digital Media

Accelerate Your Video Production

Todd Benjamin, Joseph Linaschke and Dion Scoppettuolo, Apple marketing managers, take you through a performance overview of the Power Mac G5 Quad.

The Production Value of HD

Don’t miss Don Peebles of Apple, as he provides an overview of Final Cut Studio, the suite of pro applications for video content creation, editing and output.

Capture, Create and Share Digital Media with QuickTime 7 Pro

Join Apple’s team of QuickTime experts in this free online seminar to learn how QuickTime 7 can take your digital media to the next level.

3D Modeling on the Mac with modo

Watch Brad Peebler, President of Luxology, as he provides a tour of modo and find out how you can turn your inspiration and creativity into amazing 3D models.

Pre-Visualizing and Presenting Your Ideas with StoryBoard Artist

Watch Jeff Walsh of PowerProduction demo StoryBoard Artist and find out how to convey your ideas with more depth, flair and accuracy than you thought possible.

Powerful tools for 2D and 3D post production

Watch Daryl Obert of Alias and Charles Meyer of Apple as they explore ways you can bring new levels of integration to your post production workflow.

Mobile Field Editing with Journalist Dr. Bob Arnot

Join Dr. Bob Arnot to learn how the Mac can help you become a more successful storyteller and videographer by editing video on-the-go using tools from Apple.


Improve Your Presentation Skills

Watch this free online seminar and find out how to improve your presentation skills.


Your guitar. Your Mac. Your music.

Join Apple’s Mark Altekruse to discover how easy it is to connect your guitar to your Mac, and create a superior sound as you play and record.

Making Music on the Mac with GarageBand

Tune in to this free online seminar and learn how to transform your Mac into a musical instrument and record new and inspiring masterpieces.


NEW!  Aperture Advanced

Join Apple Product Manager Martin Gisborne for an in-depth look at the first all-in-one post-production tool for photographers.

Aperture: Streamline your workflow after the shoot

Joe Schorr and Joseph Linaschke demonstrate the extensive range of groundbreaking features, and the benefits Aperture delivers throughout your digital workflow.

The Ultimate Platform for Photography – With Mac OS X Tiger

Join Jim Heiser, marketing manager for photography, as he goes under the hood and shows you the exciting new feature of Mac OS X Tiger.

Product Info

Guitarists and the Mac: A Conversation with Pat Metheny

Join Pat Metheny in this free online seminar and learn how the Mac can help you take your music to the next level.


ChemDraw and BioDraw for Mac OS X: High productivity tools for chemists and biologists

Jeffrey P. Carter discusses tips on how to make optimal use of both ChemDraw and BioDraw, so you can spend more time on your core research efforts.

Advanced Molecular Visualization

VIDA is a powerful and versatile software application designed from the ground-up to visualize, manage and manipulate large sets of molecular information.

G5 for Science: Make your next discovery on a Power Mac G5

Apple’s Todd Benjamin, Pear Urushima and Matt MacInnis will show you the many science-specific benefits of the Power Mac G5 Dual and Power Mac G5 Quad.

OsiriX: Multi-dimensional Image Navigation Software

Dr. Osman Ratib’s presentation at Children’s Hospital Boston, Department of Radiology, on OsiriX, an open source, medical imaging application built on Mac OS X

Apple in Science: Diversifying the IT Infrastructure

By incorporating Mac OS X into the infrastructure and supporting desktop Macs, IT organizations have increased the productivity of their research organizations.

Computational Clustering in the Sciences

A number of Apple technologies simplify cluster computing, and for clusters of up to 64 processors, Apple provides pre-qualified solutions to meet your needs.

Cost-effective Storage Deployments for Research Computing

Learn how to achieve better data accessibility and faster storage retrieval in a more cost-effective way with industry-leading solutions.

Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server for High Performance Computing

Learn about the technical underpinnings of Apple’s latest OS, and how new features and updates will benefit users of Mac OS X-based clusters and grids.

Mac OS X v10.4 “Tiger” for Scientific and Technical Computing

Join Apple in this densely-packed on-demand webcast rebroadcast on how each new feature in Tiger applies to Apple’s scientific customers.

Third-party HPC Solutions for Mac OS X

Apple will be joined by representatives from companies who develop their software or hardware for the platform to talk about their products.


Increasing Workgroup Productivity with Xsan

Join Doug Cunningham as he demos how to set up Xsan, reviews powerful admin and reporting tools, and demos real-time collaboration in a video environment.

Grid Computing in the Life Sciences

Learn how Xgrid, built into Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, makes it feasible to deploy large computational grids without the addition of software.

Build High Performance Tiered Storage Strategies – With Xserve RAID

Join Alex Grossman, Senior Director of Server and Storage Hardware, and learn how you can implement a tiered storage strategy using Xserve RAID.

Change Your Infrastructure Legacy: Lower Costs and Simplify Server and Storage Management

Join Alex Grossman, Apple Sr Director, and learn how adding Xserve G5 and Xserve RAID to your IT infrastructure can help you meet today’s business demands.

Deliver Simplified Workgroup Services

Join Douglas Brooks, Server Product Mgr, to learn how to deliver robust workgroup & internet services without straining your budget or stretching your IT staff.

Getting Started with High Performance Computing

On-demand rebroadcast of the Dec 16, 2004 webcast discussion of the high-level concepts of high performance computing, issues & obstacles, and more.

A Blueprint for Tiered Storage

Steve Duplessie, recognized independent expert on storage technology, discusses the practicalities of tiered storage & set-up of a solution that works.

Information Lifecycle Management

Steve Kenniston, an Enterprise Storage Group analyst will offer insights as to how to manage vast amounts of data while keeping your overhead low.

Small Business

Architecture By Design

Join Jacques Sedille as he demonstrates and discusses the Mac and key 3rd party design tools that enable architects to imagine, design and communicate.

DWG on the Mac

See how ArchiCAD, eDrawings and VectorWorks allow you to view, edit and manipulate DWG files on the Mac.

Standards-based Web Electronic Filing Systems

Apple invites you to view a free webcast that discusses technical best practices around web-based electronic filing solutions.


Why Hire a Member of the Apple Consultants Network

Learn about the services provided by and advantages of hiring members of the Apple Consultants Network.

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17 years ago

muy interesante, gracias.

17 years ago

Todos en ingles, muy interesante, :-DDD

17 years ago

Esto es lo que se le llama tener una buen base de datos de conocimiento cerrada a un único tipo de usuarios. Una vez editado los videos y obtenido el material es muy fácil aprobecharlo y ponerlo disponible en muchos otros idiomas.
Pero Apple aquí hace como en otras cosas, y nos da con la puerta en las narices.
Aquí Adobe/Macromedia le gana por goleada, donde muchos de sus tutoriales y documentos están traducidos.

17 years ago

Esto es una consecuencia de la globalización. En España nos quejamos de que no están en castellano, pero si nos ponemos asi, habría que contar con todos los idiomas del mundo mundial. Por supuesto que no estoy de acuerdo con esta centralización lingüistica que se está produciendo, pero también tenemos que tener en cuenta que el castellano es la segunda lengua mundial.
A demas, es preferible saber algo de ingles, pues siempre es mejor escuchar directamente a la fuente que que te traduzcan de aquella manera y solo lo que interesa.
Personalmente he seguido alguno de estos tutoriales, y son muy interesantes, (a pesar de que llevan tiempo sin actualizarlos).

17 years ago

Os lo habeis currado, gracias 😀

17 years ago

Jesus, base de conocimiento cerrada? esto seria los materiales accesibles solo a ADC Select y Premium y aun asi tampoco tan cerrada. Estos materiales son gratuitos. Debes saber ingles… pos si. No es tan sencillo grabar una cosa en un idioma, editarlo y colgarlo, que traducirlo a mil lenguas distintas.

He estado mirando algunos y estan realmente bien, lo unico que me toca la moral es tener que registrarme en cada uno de ellos, buf xD

Me encantaría saber tu opinión, por favor, deja un comentariox