GraphicConverter 4.8

Lemke Software ha lanzado una nueva versión de este popular editor “navaja suiza” de imágenes.

La nueva versión trae las siguientes características:

* unskew effect added

* swapping channels function added

* support for exporting raw images stacks added

* import directly from a digital camera will now correct the file date depending on EXIF during the download

* import of Foto PDBs added

* import of Palm image stream added

* CANON EOS raw detection improved

* DDS import added

* Kodak DCS detection improved

* xwd support improved

* eps import can now use gs or GraphicConverter for cropping to the bounding box

* automatic image rotation will no longer flicker on opening

* context function to modify the EXIF date added (browser)

* zoom in slideshow modified (option click will zoom 200% and shift option click 100%)

* color bug during brightness/contrast with active color profile fixed

* rename dialog will now display a preview of the results

* new folder on folder pane (in the browser) supports now move of selected items into that folder

* link color can now be defined for catalog creation

* shortcut tab key toggles buttons in the slideshow

* browser will now display informations from the thm part of the avi/thm pair

* new folder on the folder list in the browser supports now long filenames

* browser displays now the labels

* slideshow zooms now the image part under the mouse to 100% by clicking with the option key

* browser can now sort by label and name

* sorting into folders in the slideshow supports now long filenames

* possible on opening incomplete TIFFs with CCITT compression fixed

* HPGL detection improved

* files with raw extensions will automatically open the raw import if no other format matches

* DICOM compatibility improved

* display issues for Panther fixed

* bug in Fax CCITT 4 import fixed

* error message during file date correction within aquire from digital camera fixed

* scrollbar bugs fixed

* internal changes and other bug fixes

Graphic Converter cuesta 30$ y está disponible desde MacOS 8.1 a MacOS X.

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