StuffIt DeLuxe 7.0

El compresor por excelencia en el mundo mac saca su nueva versión para MacOSX.

Con una salida en Versiontracker de 2,7 sobre 5 (aprobado rapadillo) Esta nueva versión de lo que podríamos llamar ya “Suite” de compresión tiene las siguientes novedades:

Strong encryption protects sensitive data- Get better security and privacy protection with 512 bit encryption (previously 40 bit), to make sending files over the Internet and storing sensitive data more secure.

* Prevent data loss with error-correction Protect against corruption, by checking the “Add Redundancy” box. StuffIt can add error correction information to archives to repair and reconstruct files that become damaged by bad media or transfer errors. (This will result in a slightly larger compressed archive size).

* Improved compression – Get up to 30% better compression (depending on file type) so files move faster over the Internet and maximize server and network bandwidth.

* Larger archive size Previous StuffIt versions had a 2 GB archive size maximum, now archives can allow terabytes of data, great for backing up multimedia projects.

* Long file name support Use up to 256-character file titles, the OS limit, for easier identification.

* Microsoft integration- Provides access to one-click compress and email from Microsoft Word (including versions 2001 and X).

* Full Zip support for archives- Use, search, and browse StuffIt AND Zip archives as easily as working with folders in the Finder. Share and access files compressed by any program on any platform.

* Stuff and Mail additions Supports Entourage and Apple Mail email clients.

* Magic Menu browsing- Search through Sit and Zip archives with Magic Menu.

* New OS X Finder support- Use keyboard shortcuts to Stuff (Command S) or Unstuff (Command U) files.

* Use OS X command line tools Access to terminal functions and options.

* New user interface for beginners Drag and Drop window makes it easier to compress and access files.

Aladdin tiene cierta tendencia a tener problemas en las primeras “releases” de StuffIt, así que no descartes futuras actualizaciones.

Si no eres usuario de la versión DeLuxe, siempre puedes usar el Expander (freeware).

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