Jaguar 2.1, a Apple le pierden las ganas

Gracias a Irracom y a Antonio Lara, de la lista del GUM Sevilla, hemos sabido lo que traerá la próxima actualización (Apple lo ha retirado de su Knowledge Base).

Este es el texto del artículo de Apple, que posiblemente variará en su versión final:


Mac OS X: About the Mac OS X 10.2.1 Update

Article ID:107036


Modified: 9/16/02

TOPIC This software updates Mac OS X 10.2 to version 10.2.1.


Important: Read Before Installing

1. An Admin user password that does not contain spaces or Option-keyed characters is required to install. The password may not be blank. If your password must be changed, then follow these steps: Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu. Choose Users from the View menu. Select an Admin user and click Edit User. Click the Password tab. Change the password and click OK.

2. You may experience unexpected results if you have installed third-party system software modifications, or if you have modified the operating system through other means. This precautionary statement does not apply to the normal installation of application software.

3. The installation process should not be interrupted. Monitor progress by clicking the Detailed Progress disclosure triangle. If a power outage or other interruption occurs during installation, use the standalone installer (see below) from Apple Software Downloads to install.


There are two ways to update to from Mac OS X 10.2 to 10.2.1.

I. Automatic Software Update Installation

See technical document 106704, “Mac OS X: How to Update Your Software”.

Because some updates are prerequisites for others, you may need to use Software Update more than once to get all desired updates.

II. Standalone Installer

An installer is available from Apple Software Downloads (

Enhancements Delivered with this update

Disc Burning Enhancements

* Improves compatibility of burned CDs with Microsoft Windows.

* Addresses a situation that could result in a failure when burning a disc using iTunes 3 and a high burn speed.

* Addresses an issue in which Disk Utility could inaccurately report “problems” when scanning a disc that was burned with iTunes or in the Finder.

* Adds support for various third-party disc burners, including: TDK VeloCD 241032FP and 241040F, MCE Technologies Lucid-24 24x10x24x Portable FireWire CDRW Drive, LaCie PocketCDRW 24x10x24 U&I, EZQuest Boa CDR/w 48x12x48 FireWire, Formac cdrw 40x10x40 and cdrw 48x10x40.

Digital Hub and Peripheral Device Enhancements

* Decreases the amount of time Final Cut Pro takes to open, and improves iMovie compatibility when a Sony DVMC-DA1 media converter is connected to the computer.

* Improves iMovie compatibility with Canopus ADVC-100 media converter.

* Improves compatibility with certain (SCSI-based) scanners.

* Improves compatibility of Image Capture with Epson DS (TWAIN).

* Improves results when scanning in grayscale or black-and-white with Image Capture and Epson UI.

* Enhances reliability when hot-swapping a FireWire-based camera on certain iMacs using Final Cut Pro.

* Addresses a potential issue in which a USB keyboard or mouse is not recognized or able to wake the computer after having been connected to or disconnected from an external USB hub while the computer is in sleep.

Networking and Mail Enhancements

* Addresses a situation in which certain Internet service providers (ISPs) may not accept outgoing email (SMTP) from computers using NAT and a “.local” hostname (which may be assigned by Rendezvous).

* Addresses a situation in which, if the connection fails when transferring email to your computer via your network or an Internet connection, all mail not transferred is lost.

* Improves Mac OS X Server performance in heavy AFP client load situations.

* Improves Mac OS X Server reliability when a Mac OS 9 client attempts a scheduled AFP connection.

* Resolves a potential issue in which Mail could fail to import mail messages from Eudora as expected.

Printing Enhancements

* Addresses a potential situation in which Print Center would unexpectedly quit when using St. Claire Software’s Default Folder X.

* Improves compatibility with HP LaserJet 4V and HP LaserJet 4MV printers.

* Reduces occurrences of a potential “busy; source EIO (ATALK)” alert message when printing using AppleTalk via CUPS.

* Addresses an issue when printing via CUPS in which the second queued print job would automatically start if the first print job was stopped.

* Addresses a potential “error -1” message in Print Center when adding a third-party USB printer.

* Includes various other CUPS-related printing enhancements.Other Enhancements

* Improves potential situations in which a Web page’s graphics could take an unexpectedly long time to appear in a browser window.

* Improves compatibility with Microsoft Entourage.

* Reduces likelihood of a potential “ticking hard drive” symptom that could be caused by IOAudio errors regularly being written to the system.log file.

* Addresses a potential issue in which Mac Help may not be available following an erase-installation.

* Improves compatibility of the Universal Access Zoom feature with some iBook computers.

* Addresses a potential situation in which no video may appear after waking certain iBook computers that are connected to an external display or presentation device.

* Addresses a situation in which a Classic application may fail to produce sound after waking from sleep.

* Addresses a potential situation in which AppleTalk may not be available in the Classic environment after waking from sleep.

* Addresses various potential kernel panic situations.

Cortesía de Antonio Lara, Irracom

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