ircle X 3.1f1

Nueva versión de uno de los clientes de IRC más usados sobre la plataforma Mac.

Esta nueva versión se encuentra ya muy cerca de la versión final, según sus desarrolladores: una vez se de como definitiva, la última versión oficial, la 3.0.4 dejará de recibir soporte.

En esta nueva versión se ha corregido:

* all versions: ing routines: Some drag and drop toolbox calls were used on old PowerPC Mac OS versions, while they were not really available, causing a . A routine that displays the console ‘topic’ has been fixed, would specifically occur after closing a channel window. A routine that updates the channel bar sometimes ed. While loading channels, ircle was using an Appearance manager call (for OS 8 and later) on Mac OS 7.x. That always caused a . A routine that writes data to the DCC log had a ing bug under some circumstances. A would occur after initiating or getting a DCC.

* OS X: ircle no longer uses ‘offscreen graphics’ as recommended by Apple. This significantly speeds up the drawing/updating of userlist, connections, channel list, notify and other windows. We were planning to fix this a long time ago but had some trouble keeping the nice anti-aliased text clipped.

* OS X: some cosmetic fixes such as the black lines that appeared in the various floating windows to the left side of the lists.

Fuente: Versiontracker.

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