Apple actualiza X11

Apple ha atualizado el entorno X11, que aunque se sigue manteniendo en Beta, ofrece nuevas e interesantes funciones.

La actualización trae estos cambios:

* Pseudocolor (8-bit) visual plane support.

* Option to quit X11 without presenting warning dialog.

* Command-Q keyboard shortcut to quit X11.

* Command-, to bring up preferences dialog.

* Keyboard mappings with dead keys fixed.

* Linking against libGL no longer results with multiple definitions of glGetColorTableEXT.

* Locked files left behind in /tmp no longer block non-admin users from starting X11.

* Windows can be resized by user to any size and not be limited by the Dock’s height.

* Dragging remotely hosted windows no longer causes .

* Hardware accelerated scrolling in 16 bit mode now works.

* X Server no longer es if application tried to retrieve data back from the framebuffer using XGetImage.

* Bug fixes and other feature enhancements.

Puedes descargar esta nueva versión desde Apple.

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