Microsoft Office v. X 10.1.3

Actualización de la suite de productividad de Microsoft.

Microsoft actualiza su suite de productividad con estas características:

What’s new in this version:

This updater addresses several issues with the Italian Spelling Tool and the French Proofing Tools for Microsoft Office v. X. If you are using these tools, we recommend that you run this installer.

For the Italian Spelling Tool, this update addresses the following issues:

* Extended characters are not displayed correctly in custom dictionaries.

* Words cannot be added to the Custom Dictionary.

For French Proofing Tools, this update addresses the following issues:

* The em-dash character appears as � in French grammar tools.

* Words including extended characters are not added to Custom Dictionary correctly.

* Some words with extended characters are not displayed as synonyms in the Thesaurus.

* Only one word can be added to the Custom Dictionary in Entourage.

* Other various issues with the grammar checker have been addressed.

Disponible par descarga desde versiontracker (1,5 mb)

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