Nueva versión de Mozilla, 1.3a

Nueva versión del Navegador.

Mozilla Organization la puesto en circulación Mozilla 1.3a, el navegador que funciona desde MacOS 8.5 hasta Jaguar.

Con esta nueva versión:

* Mozilla 1.3a contains many great new Mail and Newsgroup features and fixes.

o Mozilla Mail now has basic junk-mail classification capabilities. This means you can train your client to distinguish between good mail and junk-mail. For this first release the junk-mail controls can mark a message as junk but automatic deleting has not been enabled. To learn more about this new feature check out the Mozilla Spam Filters info page.

o This release also contains some great new filtering tools. We now have new multiple actions for filters so you can do things like moving and labeling at the same time and newsgroup filters have also been implemented.

o Message Views is a new Mozilla Mail feature which will help users locate, organize and prioritize their mail messages. A View is used to filter and display only those messages matching a given set of criteria. Mozilla ships with a set of pre-defined Views, but users can also create their own.

o We have improved interoperability with certain imap servers (especially iMail) and ACL problems on Cyrus servers have been fixed.

o The Mail team also fixed the problem with biff not working on accounts you haven’t logged onto and Message Search on the body of local messages doesn’t lock up the UI anymore

* Bookmarks now has a convenient quicksearch functionality similar to Mozilla’s Mail&News (and Mozilla’s Phoenix browser). This search field allows the user to quickly filter his bookmarks by typing the a few characters into the search field. There is an input box at the top of the list of bookmars, and search terms entered filter based on bookmark title.

* Intellimouse Explorer Backwards and Forwards button support has been implemented for Mozilla on MS Windows.

* Users of Mozilla’s DOM Inspector can now toggle the display of empty #text nodes.

* We’re transitioning the Mac Classic (OS 8.x and 9.x) build to Mozilla Port status. This means that won’t be making official Classic builds beginning with 1.3alpha. For 1.3alpha (but probably not later releases) users of OS 9 with carbonlib can use the OS X (CFM) build. To use the CFM OSX builds on OS 9 follow these steps: Download and unstuff the binary. Open the disk image. Drag the Mozilla folder to your desktop. Open the folder and double-click on the file.

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