Faq-mac announces Developer Co-marketing Program

Just in time for the Tiger availability, Faq-mac is pleased to announce today the launch of a new Developer Co-marketing Program.

The Program offers developers the opportunity to promote their products and services on Faq-mac’s home page, the spanish Macintosh leading site, by means of a free 150×100 px Web banner. Terms and conditions apply, and the Program is subject to availability. Developers interested in taking advantage of this offer should contact us at publicidad@faq-mac.com for further details. Please be sure to include the name of the developer you represent in your email.

Terms & Conditions

– The software advertised must be localized in Spanish.

– Developers must be accepted into the Program at Faq-mac’s sole discretion to participate.

– Banners will start running on Faq-mac with the developer’s next software update/release.

– The Program may be cancelled by either party at any time, upon notification.

– The Program runs in one month intervals. Future participation is at Faq-mac’s sole discretion.

– Statistical information gleaned from participating in the Program is confidential and may not be distributed.

– The Developer has to include a .html file pointing to the faq-mac website in each and every application participating in the Program.

– Faq-mac must be the “ONLY” Macintosh news or information site in Spanish presented in the download file.

– The Developer may run one banner (150×100, no larger than 12k) at a time with one URL and alt text.

– The Developer may change the banner as often as required.

– Banners must be standard .gif or .jpg files (no Java, Flash, etc.).

– This Program is a promotional agreement only. Neither party can incur any financial liability, regardless of the circumstances.

– Participation in this Program does not represent conflict of any kind in joining similar programs run by MacMinute.

– at least 50.000 impressions per month.

Also this document is available for Download.

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