phpMyAdmin 2.5.0rc2

Nueva versión de este GUI de control de MySQL vía web.

En esta nueva versión se han añadido las siguientes mejoras:

* distinct Query window

* field contents transformations (inline resized images, links, external programs, etc)

* display column comments in exports

* automatic update of relations, display fields, comments, bookmarks, etc after table/column changes

* new display mode with 90 degree rotated headers

* display query time

* js row marker now works in vertical mode

* SQL history: db- or not-db-based

* optional vertical display of the columns in edit mode

* optional lightweight menu tabs

* InnoDB status monitor

* print button in db view

* new Export page with dynamic options

* better security for docSQL importer

* in edit mode, display first the functions that match field type

* parameters for bookmarks queries

* support for changing auto-increment value

* default initial query in browse mode, based on a bookmark with the same name as the table

* execute bookmarks when browsing bookmarks table

* if available, display Create/Update/Check_time

* in browse mode, highlight the fields used in the WHERE condition for the query

* automatic layout of the PDF schema

* choose results page in browse mode

* automatic detection of compression for uploaded data

* CHECK TABLE/ANALYSE TABLE for multisubmit actions


* can now insert multiple fields at cursor position in the query textarea

Y se han corregido los siguientes bugs:

* could not insert some words like “$enum$”

* bad URL (extra /) for generated PDFs

* double password query with http auth

* check privileges only shows root user

* display SQL query used for an index modification

* pdf schema headers footers for long pages

* export results and LIMIT

* inserting values with quotes

* $cfg[‘PmaAbsoluteUri’] autodetection and CGI mode

* escaping of \n, \r and \t characters

* handling of disabled ini_get()

* go back to fields definition form after an error

* support XOR in the parser

* check for field type when doing charset conversion

* support for HTML entities as db/table/column names

* avoid long delays when browsing big tables (MySQL 4)

* support for host-based privileges

* bad arrow aligning on PDF schema in “same widths” mode

* faster record count

* “undefined index” error in the data dictionary when using MySQL 3.22 or below

* the privileges administration script did not work well with host-based DB privileges

* having added a new user, the corresponding SQL query was not displayed

* better “superuser” checking mechanism

* “wrong parameter count” error when connecting with some strangely compiled php versions

* replaced the %e placeholder in the date format string of some translations because it did not have any effect on Windows machines.

Puedes descargarlo desde versiontracker.

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21 years ago

no si tenia errores……..

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