Cubase SX 1.06

Nueva actualización de este conocido programa para la creación de música.

Las características de la nueva versión son las siguientes:

* MacOS X: fixed problems with Projects names containing special german characters

* MacOS X: projects with QT movies failed to quit properly and required a force quit

* MacOS X: full Screen function caused problems

* True Tape on/off status wasn’t saved with project file

* “Save project to new folder” stored the project with old name instead of the new one

* Record Arming & Monitoring on/off state of audio/MIDI tracks are now saved with the project file

* Monitoring state restores after reload

* When toggling between projects the audio engine sometimes stopped playing

* SX immediately quit when switching Stereo/Mono switch sometimes

* Fixed several condition, that could lead to an immediate exit and return to the desktop

* Activating system link with analog input as system link input could lead to

* Selecting “Non Buffered Read” in VST Multitrack/Expert Settings caused an unexpected error

* VST-Inputs windows: all available inputs can be reached now

* Multiple audio file import could cause Audio engine system error message

* Fixed opening .key files containing macros

* Fixed loading DSP-Factory Preset files

* Fixed problems with OggVorbis file export

* MacOS X: MP3 im

* & export is now supported

* Click during Preroll works as expected now

* Precount didn’t follow Tempo track

* The Marker Track Inspector remembers column sorting now

* Adding a marker when the marker track is in a folder could freeze Cubase

* Tempo track was set inactive on opening a Reason project

* Certain time signatures could freeze Cubase.

* Cycling between locators could cause MIDI and Audio to drift

* Fixed problems with MIDI clock slow down during playback

* Fixed a problem with locating cursor

* Scrubbing via Houston during playback is possible now

* Mackie HUI remote map generated MIDI out

* “Solo” behavior improved

* “Saving all mixer settings” did not save Master and Send FX

* In the Track Mixer “copy/paste” didn’t work for MIDI Channels

* Fixed a possible while copying/pasting channel settings

* Fixed a Bug where clicking “+” button to show automation on a track in non-active project could lead to freeze

* Fixed problems with VST Instruments and high latencies

* On Audio Exports with VST Instruments the first note isn’t missing anymore

* VSI to Groups routing causes no more delay

* VSTi�s MIDI Outputs for track input are available again

* VST instruments showed up in the Plug-ins menu list

* Fixed right-click menu on Audio Events, so all Plug-Ins show up

* UAD-1: plugin-knobs were not shown in the plugin GUI

* Fixed a possible with discarded, but still referenced Plug-Ins.

* Double Delay, Flanger, ModDelay, Phaser and Symphonic: no more problems changing the delay time

* MIDI-plugin: Arpache SX played unreliably

* MIDI-plugin: “Note 2 CC”-Plugin caused lost of VSTinstruments Audio-output

* Fixed a possible when using speaker tool on REX-files in the Audio Part editor

* Hiding/unhiding the level scale bar in the Sample Editor could lead to

* MacOS X: fixed a possible on Pitch-shift Envelope preview

* Pitch Shift Envelope had no function with unchecked Time Correction

* MacOS X: MPEX timestretch is now available

* Fixed a problem with Spectrum Analyzer, Statistics, Detect Silence performed much to often

* Loading presets in the Crossfade dialog works now

* Switching resolution of audio recording produced white noise signal

* First recording after in Pool was corrupt

* Audio CD Import could freeze Cubase

* MacOS X: Imported REX files were converted to common audio files instead of slices

* Reset on Stop/All Notes Off didn�t worked for held sustain pedals

* MIDI Functions

* Restrict Polyphony : MIDI notes vanishes by “Cancel”

* Pedals to Note Length was always greyed out

* Using Groove Quantize could cause Cubase SX to

* Position of recorded MIDI Part didn�t start at left locator

* It wasn’t possible to draw controller ramps longer than 18 bars

* Moving a selected range didn�t work if “Delete Overlaps” was set to “on”

* Copying MIDI part between projects now works as expected

* Duplicating a shared part created a real copy of the part

* Paste Time didn’t shift parts to right when parts in a folder are selected

* Step Input: right arrow stops producing rests at right hand side of screen

* Fixed a Notes graphic problem in the Key Editor

* Fixed a possible after using pencil tool in List Editor on SMF events

* Drum Editor: Drum Solo didn’t follow instruments selection correctly

* Score: Align elements was greyed out when lyrics were selected

* Score: layout list: tracks were in wrong order

Puedes descargar Cubase SX 1.06 desde Versiontracker (12,2 mb)

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19 years ago

saber mas acerca de cubase

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Debería haber información traducida completamente en español.

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17 years ago

lo quiero para crear mezclas

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