AirPort Extreme Firmware v 5.1.3

Nueva versión de firmaware para las estaciones Airport.

Esta nueva versión ofrece las siguientes mejoras:

* Enhanced security for handling unsolicited Internet traffic, including different types of denial-of-service attacks, that may be directed at an AirPort Extreme Base Station. The new protection mechanisms in this firmware will help prevent loss of Internet connectivity.

* Additional improvements in USB printing performance.

* Base station Interference Robustness, which provides improved performance when 2.4GHz devices like cordless phones and wireless video distribution system cause significant interference with the AirPort network.

* Simpler Wireless Distribution System (WDS) setup experience in AirPort Admin Utility

* Administrators have the ability to set the DHCP range on their base station when NAT is on

* Performance improvements between wired and wireless clients.

Puedes descargar este nuevo firmware desde su correspondiente pagina en la Knowledge Base

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18 years ago

Alguien me puede explicar la demora de apple en el envio de los imac g5 ( especifican como mˆximo cinco semanas y yo ya llevo seis ).Un saludo

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