Faq-Mac and SecondhandMac join forces against Mac thieves

This new international list of stolen Macs will make it more difficult to resell them.

If your Mac has been stolen, fill out a simple form (with certain identifying information) to indicate you’re the legal owner of the machine.

If you’re buying a used Mac and something seems strange, check the list first. You may be the one who helps recover someone else’s prized machine!

This free service is new to the Spanish and Latin American market and is available through faq-mac and SecondhandMac.

You can visit this service (or use it if you need it) at https://www.faq-mac.com/mt/Stfaq.html

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20 years ago

I had my PowerBook G4 stolen from me last summer. It was a Ti 400MHz. The serial no. was QT1153MGK6B

D18A6D4586317B4E02B654FF79. Thanks.

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