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Mac OS X: File Sharing

File Sharing allows you to copy items from one computer to another, or to use files stored on another computer. Instructions and pertinent background information on sharing are provided here to help you.

Workgroup Manager: Files Copied With Windows Service (SMB) Do Not Inherit Privileges as Expected

To avoid unexpected behavior that results from the failure of SMB permissions inheritance, do not select “Inherit permissions from Parent” from the Windows File Setting options.

Mac OS 8 and 9: Compatibility With Macintosh Computers

Compatibility table of Macintosh computers and the various versions of Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9.

iPhoto: Incorrect Date Could Prevent HomePage or .Mac Slides Access

If the computer’s date and time are set incorrectly, you may not be able to use the HomePage or .Mac (pronounced “dot Mac”) Slides features of iPhoto.

AppleWorks 6.2 for Windows: Unable to Select Starting Points Tabs

Installing 6 may prevent you from changing tabs in the Starting Points window when using AppleWorks 6.2 for Windows.

Broadcaster 1.0: Audio Dropouts While Receiving a Live Broadcast

When using Broadcaster 1.0 to send a live stream, you may experience audio dropouts while receiving the broadcast with Player.

Broadcaster: About the Broadcaster 1.0.1 Update

Broadcaster 1.0.1 update provides improvements to live broadcast recording and streaming, as well as enhancements to the user interface.

.Mac WebMail: Updated Photo Signature Does Not Appear in New Emails

This document discusses how to clear the old photo signature from a account that has had its photo signature changed.

.Mac iDisk: How to Directly Access Files From a Web Browser

This document explains how to access files on an iDisk from a Web browser.

iMovie: Export Option Defaults

This chart shows the audio and video settings of each of the default export options in iMovie 1.x, iMovie 2.x, and iMovie 3.x.

Apple Security Updates

This document outlines security updates for Apple products. Note: For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available.

WebObjects 5: How to Use Oracle JDBC drivers

This article describes the Oracle JDBC drivers and how to use them with WebObjects 5.

Xserve: Security Lock Does Not Lock Hard Drive Tray

Xserve’s security lock does not prevent a hard drive tray latch from being pressed and opened. Xserve may stop responding if you eject a hard drive while the server is operating.

iMovie 3: Some Graphic Files Import as Blank (White) Clips

Graphic files in PICT format that you import into an iMovie 3 project may appear as blank, white clips in the timeline after rendering is complete.

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