FileMaker Pro 6.0v4

Nueva versión para el programa de base datos por excelencia dentro del mundo Mac.

Este nuevo update trae muchas novedades:

* Import/Export XML operations involving remote XML/XSL data sources or files generated multiple HTTP requests. These tasks are now completed with a single HTTP request.

* HTTP requests sent during an XML import can include passwords or other sensitive data. To prevent the potential exposure of this data, the progress dialog displayed during time-consuming XML import operations no longer displays the HTTP request URL. For information on the secure use of this feature, visit our support resources at

* Carriage returns are now preserved in imported XML data.

* To avoid unintended record navigation in databases where navigation is strictly controlled by the developer, we have changed the accessibility of the Find/Replace, Spell Check, and Sort features. In all the cases noted below, you can still access this functionality using scripts attached to buttons on the layout. Find/Replace is now disabled in the Edit menu if menu access is limited by the current password, or if a script is paused. If the Status Area is hidden and locked in Form View, then Find/Replace will be available only for the current record. Spelling > Check All� is now disabled in the Edit menu if menu access is limited by the current password, or if the Status Area is hidden and locked in Form View. Check All� and Check Record� are disabled if a script is paused. In cases where Sort� is disabled in the Record menu, sort commands will be disabled in context menus as well.

* Guests of a shared database were unable to successfully import folders of images or images from a digital camera. The images might appear temporarily to the guest, but on the host file the container field would remain empty. This has been corrected.

* When importing a folder of image files, you can now image thumbnails independently of the full-size image.

* Corrected a problem with Constrain and Extend Found Set in the case where the user has modified an invalid request.

* Fixed problems with the use of alternate system formats for time and date fields in the Find/Replace feature and the Show Custom Dialog script step.

* Printing of high-resolution EPS files is now supported for postscript printers.

* The �count� Apple event produced an error in Mac OS X 10.2. This is corrected.

* FileMaker Pro is now able to access XML and XSL files stored on UFS partitions and mounted non-Mac OS X remote volumes if the file pathname contains upper ASCII or double-byte characters.

* In Mac OS X 10.2, FileMaker Pro could quit unexpectedly when you plugged in a digital camera. This has been resolved.

* When importing TIFF files from a digital camera, you can now successfully store file references instead of storing the entire file.

* Fixed drawing problems with the Find and Replace dialog.

* Messages sent using the Send Mail script step now display upper ASCII and double-byte characters correctly in Microsoft Entourage.

* Specifying an application with the Send Apple Event script step could yield inconsistent results for application packages containing a PkgInfo file. This has been corrected.

* In Mac OS X, upper ASCII characters now appear correctly in the Japanese Spelling dialog.

* Exporting XML data from a database with a name longer than 170 bytes could produce invalid XML files in the Japanese version of FileMaker Pro. This problem has been fixed.

* Smart quotes now appear correctly in the German and Swedish versions of FileMaker Pro.

* Fixed broken navigational links in German Web Security html files.

* Updated templates and XML example for French, Italian, German and Swedish.

* Fixed a problem with using Swedish FileMaker Help in Mac OS X 10.2.

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