Google reconoce problemas con Google Analytics

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En un correo enviado a los usuarios de Google Analytics, el servicio de análisis de tráfico web, la compañía reconoce estar desbordada por las peticiones de los usuarios y se disculpa mientras mejora y amplia el servicio.

Google ha inicado que no va a aceptar de momento más cuentas en este servicio mientras mejora la rapidez, fiabilidad y los recursos de esta herramienta recientemente presentada.

El correo enviado es el siguiente:

Hello Google Analytics User,

This is a quick update to address some issues you may be seeing

in your Google Analytics account and what we’re doing to respond.

First, due to extremely high demand, we’ve temporarily limited

the number of new signups as we increase capacity. This allows

us to focus on our primary objective–to provide a great user

experience for our existing users.

Next, here is current information on the most common questions

we’re receiving:

1. The ‘Check Status’ button is being reworked to check for

properly installed tracking code. This should be fixed by the

end of November.

2. The ‘+Add Profile’ link has been temporarily removed until

we increase capacity. We’ll alert all current users when the

feature is restored.

3. While we increase capacity, you may see longer than normal

delays in data showing up in your reports. All data continues

to be collected and no data has been lost.

For additional help with your Google Analytics account, we

encourage you to browse or search our online Help Center at

Thanks for your patience as we improve Google Analytics and add

resources to ensure a high-quality service.


The Google Analytics Team

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