Sonnet anuncia PodFreq mini, combinando los más populares accesorios para el iPod® mini Accessories en un atractivo paquete (en

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA—May 25, 2005— Sonnet Technologies, a worldwide leader in upgrades for Apple Macintosh® computers and iPod digital music players, proudly introduces PodFreq™ mini, the premium FM transmitter, integrated dock and protective case for iPod mini. PodFreq mini broadcasts tunes to any nearby car, home, or portable FM radio. It improves upon all the features and functionality of the original PodFreq, Macworld Magazine’s 2004 Best iPod Accessory Eddy Award winner, and delivers them in a sleek, compact case. With the included car charger, car cradle, USB 2.0 cable and soft carrying pouch, buying a PodFreq mini is the best way to get all the most popular iPod mini accessories in one package.

Designed for the audio enthusiast, PodFreq mini connects to iPod mini through its dock connector to take advantage of the consistent-level, line-out signal, and then feeds the audio through high-quality stereo broadcast components to produce noticeably better sound. With no software required, users can quickly tune and broadcast to any clear station between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz using up and down tuning buttons and the built-in, backlit display. Additionally, the telescoping antenna transmits a clear signal for a longer distance.

To create a dock, PodFreq mini includes a flip stand and integrates FireWire® and mini-USB 2.0 ports. Users can connect to their computer to sync and transfer files, and even charge their iPod mini without needing to remove it from PodFreq mini. The top half of PodFreq mini protects the display, leaving accessible the click wheel, hold switch, and headphone jack. Like the original PodFreq, the mini version requires no batteries, drawing a minute amount of power from iPod mini—it even turns on and off automatically. In the car, the PodFreq mini can be conveniently located by attaching the included cradle to any car mount system. Just plug in the car charger and drive away.

“Sonnet engineers strived to create an elegant design that complements iPod mini’s smart look,” states Robert Farnsworth, Sonnet CEO. “When you see PodFreq mini, I believe you’ll agree they succeeded.” In addition to creating a product with great design and superior sound quality, Sonnet created more value for the iPod mini owner. “As its popularity has grown, the number of accessories bundled with iPod mini has been reduced,” states Steve Garceau, Sonnet Product Manager. “To fully utilize the iPod mini, enthusiasts are purchasing a case, dock, FM transmitter, car charger, and car cradle which combined are fairly expensive—PodFreq mini changes all that—in one sleek package you get it all.”


PodFreq mini is compatible with all iPod mini models

Pricing and Availability

PodFreq mini (Part number FMT-IPOD-MINI) will be available in July 2005 with a US retail price of USD $99.95.

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About Sonnet Technologies, Inc.

Sonnet Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, is a worldwide leader in processor upgrade cards, ATA disk controller cards, and other enhancement products for Apple Macintosh computers and iPods. After Apple Computer, Inc., Sonnet is the largest producer of PowerPC™ processor-based products in the computer industry. Founded in 1986, Sonnet offers processor upgrades for most Macintosh models. To locate an authorized reseller or purchase product, visit the Sonnet Technologies web site at , or call the company at 1-949-587-3500.

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