BBedit 7.0.2

Está actualización añade nuevos extras a la aplicación.

La actualización trae estas características:

* Expanded Character Set Handling

When opening documents, BBEdit will automatically recognize and appropriately handle files that use character set encodings other than Mac Roman, even multi-byte character sets. Likewise, you can now save documents using your choice of character set encodings. For details on opening files with various character set encodings, see “Choosing the Encoding for a Document” on page 25 of the user manual, and for information on saving files, see “Setting the Encoding” on page 23. For additional details on BBEdit’s handling of character sets in multi-byte and Unicode files, see Chapter 5.

* Application Packaging Changes

Beginning with this release, the factory-supplied plug-ins and spelling dictionaries are now part of BBEdit’s application package. This means that factory plug-ins and spelling dictionaries remain available when the application is launched without a “BBEdit Support” folder. In addition, keyboard equivalents for plug-ins are no longer tracked using the plug-in file as a mechanism. Thus, future updates to plug-ins will no longer require that you re-apply any customized key equivalents for plug-ins. (For this release, you will need to do so one last time.)

* Mac OS 9.1 Support

BBEdit 7.0.2 is now qualified to run on Mac OS 9.1 and later versions, with CarbonLib 1.5 or later required. (Please note that use of Mac OS 9.2.2 remains recommended; see the “System Requirements” on page 9 for further details.)

* Insert Multiple Files

The Insert File Contents command now supports selecting multiple files to be inserted into the current document. (See “The Insert Submenu” on page 69 for complete details.)

* Save a Copy

The new Save a Copy command allows you to save a copy of the current document out to a file at any time, while you continue to work with the original file. (See “Saving a Copy of a File” on page 21 for more details.)

* New Menu Key Combinations

The Help, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys can now be used in menu key combinations as well. The Help key can be assigned without modifiers; the others must be used in combination with at least either the Command or Control key. (See “Available Key Combinations” on page 288 for details on setting menu keys.)

* CVS Export Project

The new Export Project command allows you to create a copy of any CVS project at the selected location. (See “Export Project” on page 265 for additional details.)

* Unix Script Support for Include Files

You can now use scripts written in any Unix scripting language that can be run from the Shebang (#!) menu with BBEdit include file mechanism. (Appendix C covers the use of include files.)

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