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Últimos artículos publicados en la base de datos de Apple acerca de su software, hardware y servicios.

AirPort Extreme: Computer Doesn’t Start After Installing Card

Learn what to do if your computer doesn’t start up normally after you install an AirPort Extreme Card.

AirPort and AirPort Extreme: Using Public Networks, or “Hot Spots” to Access the Internet

You can use your AirPort-equipped computer at public Wi-Fi access points, known as “hot spots”, which are frequently available at coffeehouses, book stores, hotels, airports, restaurants, and other public places around the world.

Mac OS X Server: Automounted Share Points Remain Mounted After Logout

When a user logs out of a client computer with automounted share points, those share points remain mounted. This includes Mac OS X managed clients, for example.

iCal, Mac OS X: iCal Alarms Don’t Go Off on Schedule

If iCal alarms don’t go off on schedule, update to iCal 1.5.2 or later.

iPod 2.1: About Windows ME Support

To use an iPod that has iPod 2.1 or later software with Microsoft Windows ME, you’ll first need to restore iPod to a previous version of the software.

DVD Studio Pro: Segmented MPEG Files Do Not Import Correctly

Segmented MPEG files created by some third-party encoders do not import correctly into DVD Studio Pro.

GarageBand: Using MIDI Keyboard With Fast User Switching

Learn about using GarageBand with Mac OS X Panther’s Fast User Switching feature.

iPhoto 2 and iPhoto 4: How to Move the iPhoto Library Folder to a New Location

Learn how to move the iPhoto Library folder to a new location.

iPhoto: Camera’s Orientation May Not Be Respected on Import

iPhoto and Image Capture may not recognize instructions or tags from certain cameras that tell iPhoto to rotate an image when it’s imported.

iPhoto 4: Burned CDs or DVDs Cannot Be Read in iPhoto 2

CDs or DVDs burned from iPhoto 4 cannot be used by earlier versions of iPhoto.

DVD Studio Pro 2: Some Assets Show Field-Based Artifacts

Some assets, most commonly 16:9 PAL assets, show field-based artifacts when playing in the Viewer tab.

Final Cut Express 2: Offline Clip Thumbnail Appears in Browser After Saving and Re-opening a Project

An Offline Clip thumbnail may unexpectedly appear in the browser when a project has been saved and re-opened.

iTunes for Windows: Audio Doesn’t Sound Right

Learn steps you can take if audio from iTunes for Windows does not sound right.

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