Steve Jobs, Bill Gates y Carly Fiorina: juntos pero no revueltos

Los dias 6-8 de junio de este año tendrá lugar en Carlsband (California) la segunda edición de la conferencia D:All Things Digital, co-organizado por Walt Mossberg y Kara Swisher del Wall Street Journal. Los conferenciantes son Steve Jobs, el patrón de Microsoft y la Dama de Hierro de HP.

“No bloviating panels. No canned presentations. No conflict-laden analysts. And, of course, no PowerPoint allowed. […] What you will discover: Important news. Valuable advice. Top digital leaders. Exciting networking opportunities. Fascinating demos.”

La expectación está justificada. Los invitados a la conferencia son lo más selecto de la industria:

– Bill Gates | Chairman, Microsoft

– Steve Jobs | CEO, Apple Computer

– Steve Case | Chairman, AOL Time Warner

– Larry Page and Sergey Brin | Founders, Google

– Barry Diller | Chairman & CEO, USA Interactive and Vivendi UNIVERSAL Entertainment

– Meg Whitman | CEO, eBay, Inc.

– Hilary Rosen | CEO, Recording Industry Association of America

– Jack Valenti | President & CEO, Motion Picture Association of America

– Rob Glaser | CEO, Real Networks. Founder, MusicNet

– Joe Kraus | Co-founder, Co-founder, Excite

– Dennis Mudd | Co-founder, Chairman & CEO, MusicMatch

– Terry Semel | Chairman & CEO, Yahoo! Former Chairman & Co-CEO, Warner Bros.

– David Pottruck | President & Co-CEO, Charles Schwab Corporation

– Norm Pearlstine | Editor-in-Chief, Time, Inc.

– Ted Leonsis | Part-owner of the Washington Capitals NHL team and the Washington Wizards NBA team. Vice-chairman, America Online

– Mark Cuban | Founder, HDNet. Owner, Dallas Mavericks NBA team. Former CEO,

– Dr. Richard Klausner | Executive Director of Global Health Program, Bill & Melinda Gates – Foundation. Former director of the National Cancer Institute

– Dorothy J. Gaiter & John Brecher  | Authors of “Tastings,” the weekly wine column of The Wall Street Journal


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