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Últimos artículos publicados en la base de datos de Apple acerca de su software. hardware y servicios.

iSync, Mac OS X 10.3: Address Book Contacts Don’t Sync With Microsoft Exchange

Address Book and Microsoft Exchange (http://www.microsoft.com/) contacts might not sync correctly with iSync and Mac OS X Panther.

iPhoto 2.0: Duplicate Photos Not Detected During Import

Duplicate pictures appear as you import them, and iPhoto does not alert you to this fact.

iPhoto: Page Setup Scale Percentage Does Not Affect Prints

After selecting a photo to print, changing the Scale percentage in Page Setup does not affect the printout.

iTunes for Windows: Shared Music Library Doesn’t Load

You may not be able to listen to shared music if your computer is using more than one network connection at the same time.

DVD Studio Pro 2: Scaling Issues With 720 x 486 Still Assets

Troubleshoot still assets that scale when shown in the Viewer or Menu Editor.

DVD Studio Pro: Audio and Video Duration Are Not the Same in Asset Container

Because audio and video have different frame sizes, the durations will not be exactly the same.

Soundtrack 1.1: Late-Breaking News

This document contains late-breaking information about Soundtrack 1.1.

Nuevo software descargable de Apple

Mac OS X Server 10.3 Admin Tools (DE, EN, FR, JA)

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