Últimos artículos publicados en la Knowledge Base

Últimos artículos publicados en la base de datos de Apple acerca de su hardware, software y servicios.

Mac OS X 10.3: DVD Player – Video Behind Info Window Updates Slowly After Resizing Window

Video displayed behind the Info window in DVD Player 4 may update slowly after you resize the video window (the frames-per-second rate drops).

Mac OS X 10.3: Can’t Send or Receive Faxes Without /var/spool/lock Folder

Mac OS X Panther can’t send or receive faxes if a specific folder is missing.

Final Cut Pro 4: Soundtrack – Effect Tails Get Cut Off

In Soundtrack 1.0, some echo and reverb effect tails can be prematurely cut off.

Final Cut Pro 4: Installer Quits When Open By a User With a Non- Administrator Account

In some circumstances the Final Cut Pro 4 installer can unexpectedly quit when looking for the installation destination if open by a user with a non-administrator account.

iPod (with Dock Connector): Voice Memo Name Does Not Exactly Match Time Created or Modified

The time stamp of an iPod voice recording may differ from the modified or created times that the computer’s operating system shows for that file.

DVD Studio Pro: About Markers in MPEG Encoded With DVD Studio Pro 2

The markers in MPEG files encoded with DVD Studio Pro 2 do not work with earlier versions of DVD Studio Pro.

DVD Studio Pro 2: Single Layer Shape Files Are Not Supported

If you import a shape file that has a single layer, a gap appears in the Palette where the shape should appear, and you cannot select the shape or delete it in DVD Studio Pro.

DVD Studio Pro 2: Mask Edges May Be Visible in Shapes You Create

If you make the thumbnail image mask layer (the first layer) of a shape the same size as the shape’s graphics layer (the second layer), you may see some of the mask layer around the edges of the graphics layer.

Final Cut Pro 4: LiveType – Backward Compatibility

Projects created in LiveType 1.1 may not open in LiveType 1.0.

New Downloadable Apple Software

Power Mac G5 Firmware Update V 5.1.4 (Z)

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