Master of Orion III 1.2.5

Nuevo parche que soluciona algunos problemas de jugabilidad.

El parche soluciona los siguientes problemas:

* Fixed a hang in space combat which seemed to occur sometimes if a client was watching the last combat to be resolved.

* The screen would go blank after combat and just sit there (on the client). Everyone else would hang waiting for that client.

* Removed the ability control bombardment after ceding/watching space combat in multi-player due to hang conditions caused by this functionality (it wasn’t working on the clients any way) – may be revisited in the future.

* Fixed a bug where if the military build queue was open and then the

* Shipyards screen was opened on top of it and then a turn was processed, the game would .

* Fixed a bug where if one of the tabs on the ship design screen was open and then the fleets tab was open and then escape was used to exit, the game would .

* Fixed a bug on the Forces tab where the colony and outpost buttons would not be disabled if there were no planets in the system (could lead to a ).

El parche soluciona además varios aspectos de Colonización, Tecnología, Diplomacia y de la Inteligencia Artificial.

Puedes descargar el parche desde el site de MacSoft.

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