Airport Software 3.1.1

Nueva versión del software de comunicación inalámbrica de Apple.

En esta nueva versión para los usuarios de Airport Extreme, que puede descargarse a través del panel de control de Actualización de software, o a través de versiontracker, se mejoran las siguientes características:

Continued performance improvements between wired and wireless clients

Improved handling of multicast traffic on LANs

Provides consistent DMZ/Default Host behavior with NAT/DHCP base station configurations

Support for selecting NAT/DHCP alternate addressing when accessing base station via the PPP dial-in feature

Improved performance when NAT leases are renewed for the base station

Improved support for Traditional Chinese Input Method (TCIM) in the AirPort Admin Utility

Compliant with the final IEEE 802.11g specification

Base station Interference Robustness, which provides improved performance when 2.4GHz devices like cordless phones and wireless video distribution system cause significant interference with the AirPort network.

Automatic channel selection allows the base station to find the most appropriate channel to use whenever it is restarted.

Simpler Wireless Distribution System (WDS) setup experience in AirPort Admin Utility

Administrators have the ability to set the DHCP range on their base station when NAT is on

Performance improvements between wired and wireless clients.

Client side Interference Robustness

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