Últimos artículos de la Knowledge Base

Último artículo de la base de datos acerca de software, hardware y servicios de Apple.

iPod for Windows: Do Not Synchronize When Battery Is Low

Charge iPod before synchronizing it with a Windows-compatible computer.

Últimos artículos de la Knowledge Base

Últimos artículos publicados acerca del software, hardware y servicios de Apple.

Mac OS X: Mail – Message Duplicates Itself in the In Mailbox

An email message may appear more than once in your In mailbox.

Mac OS X 10.2: Chinese, Kotoeri, or Korean Conversion Fails If an Account’s Application Access Is Restricted

If you restrict the applications available to non-administrator accounts, those users will not be able to perform Kanji conversions in Kotoeri, type Chinese in the Simplified or Traditional Chinese input methods, or convert Hangul to Hanja in the Korean power input method.

iLife: Cannot See iTunes Files in Other iLife Applications

Under some circumstances, you may not see the iTunes Library in other iLife applications (iMovie, iPhoto, and iDVD).

iPod For Windows 1.2.6: Only Apple Logo Appears When Restoring Over iPod for Macintosh

Your iPod may “freeze” only displaying an Apple logo if it is an early iPod for Macintosh model and you restore it using iPod for Windows 1.2.6 software. This document explains how to return your iPod to working condition.

iPod (with Dock Connector): About the Touch-Sensitive Buttons

This document describes the iPod (with Dock Connector) model’s touch- sensitive buttons.

Últimos artículos de la Knowledge Base

Últimos artículos de la base de datos de software, hardware y servicios de Apple.

Apple Remote Desktop 1.2: “Old Version” or “Access Denied” When Network Assistant 3 Clients Present on Network

Client status for all computers may be reported incorrectly if Network Assistant 3 clients are present on the network after updating to Apple Remote Desktop 1.2.

Macintosh: FireWire Ports or Third-Party Devices No Longer Work Correctly

In rare cases, a computer’s built-in FireWire ports, and third-party FireWire devices, no longer work correctly. The computer may no longer recognize the devices.

iTunes 4: Music Purchased From Music Store Cannot Be Burned to MP3 Disc

Playlists with songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store cannot be burned to an MP3 format CD.

iTunes 4: How to Create Your Own MP3 CDs

You can use iTunes to create a data CD with the music stored in MP3 format.

iTunes 4: How to Adjust Audio Frequencies

You can use the equalizer to change the levels of individual audio frequencies in a song.

iTunes 4: How to Save Your Equalizer Settings

You can manually adjust the iTunes equalizer and then save your customized equalizer settings to create your own “preset.”

iTunes 4: About Equalizers

With an equalizer (EQ), you can fine-tune specific frequencies of the sound spectrum, much like the treble and bass controls of a stereo, but with even more power and flexibility.

Último software descargable de Apple

iPod 1.3 for Mac OS 9 (EN)

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