Toast 5.2

Update del software más utilizado en Mac para grabar CD´s.

Este nuevo update (21,5 mb) incluye las siguientes características:

CD-TEXT (now an available option for MMC-3 compliant recorders that support CD-TEXT):

* Writes CD TEXT (reads track information from Internet music database or from ID3 tags)

* Reads CD TEXT from audio CDs containing pre-recorded information

* Adds CD TEXT information automatically during audio CD disc copy

* Mac OS 10.2.x support

* VideoCD – improved encoding performance for all systems, optimization for multi-processor systems (2x speed increase), and more accurate preservation of color detail

* Enhanced Quartz text rendering throughout user interface

* Improved usability of “Record” speed selection list

* Support for up to 52x recorders

* Support for Yamaha CRW-F1 recorder (upgrade from Toast Lite version bundled with recorder)

Este update se ha adelantado a su fecha prevista de lanzamiento, p`rogramada para el 2 de Octubre según MacCnn

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