Apple participa en el Consorcio Hypertransport

Y tiene unos socios muy curiosos.

Según esta noticia de AMD, Apple participará junto con otras compañías (AMD, API Networks, Apple, Cisco, NVIDIA, PMC-Sierra, SUN Microsystems y Transmeta) en el Consorcio HyperTransport™.

Según esta misma noticia: “About HyperTransport™ technology

HyperTransport interconnect technology is a new high-speed, high-performance, point-to-point link for integrated circuits, developed to enable the chips inside of high-performance compute devices, networking and communications devices to communicate with each other faster than with existing technologies. HyperTransport technology’s bandwidth of 12.8GB/sec represents up to a 48-fold increase in data throughput, compared with existing system interconnects that typically provide bandwidth up to 266MB/sec. HyperTransport complements externally visible bus standards like the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), as well as emerging technologies like InfiniBand and 10Gb Ethernet. “

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(Fuente AMD)

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