Últimos artículos de la Knowlege Base

Últimos artículos publicados en la base de datos de Apple acerca de su software, hardware y servicios.

Mac OS X 10.2 (Japanese): Mac OS 9 Clients Cannot Read My Shared Filenames

If names of shared files on a Mac OS X 10.2 computer contain certain characters, you may not be able to understand them when connecting from a Mac OS 9 computer.

Final Cut Pro: What Kind of Hard Drive Should I Buy?

This article discusses what kind of hard drives are appropriate for video capture and playback using Final Cut Pro, as well as discussing specific incompatibilities between certain hard drive system and hardware combinations.

iPod: Frequently Asked Questions

This document contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding iPod, with answers to those questions.

iPod: How to Identify Models

Apple has introduced a number of iPod models all with the same name. This document explains how to identify the various hardware models.

iPod: Software Compatibility Chart

This document outlines which versions of iPod software can be used with which iPod models.

iPod (with Dock Connector): How to Install Dock Cover M9130G/A

This document explains how to install the iPod Dock cover when you purchase the dock separately from your iPod.

iPod: About the Carrying Case With Belt Clip

This document describes the iPod carrying case with belt clip and how to distinguish between the different models.

Final Cut Pro 4: How to Uninstall

This document explains how to uninstall Final Cut Pro 4.

Final Cut Pro 4: Import JIS Keyboard to Use Some Keyboard Shortcuts

Import the JIS keyboard layout to use all of the keyboard shortcuts in Final Cut Pro 4.

DVD Studio Pro 2: Late-Breaking News

This document contains important late-breaking information about DVD Studio Pro 2.

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