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Apple CHUD Tools 3.0.0b24


La Computer Hardware Understanding Developer Tools (CHUD Tools) están diseñadas para ayudar a los desarrolladores de hardware y software a afinar sus programas y hardware para los procesadores G4 y G5.

En esta nueva versión se añade lo siguiente:

Shark – the successor to Shikari

* callstacks for user and kernel code

* ability to save and reload sessions

* source code browser to see hotspots in your source code (in addition to asm browser)

* improved code analysis

* static analysis to browse or search for problematic code

* single process targeting

* Xcode integration

* command line version (for scripting or remote analysis)

* PowerPC 970 (G5) processor code analysis


* improved charting

* ability to save and reload sessions

* command line version (for scripting or remote analysis)


* Saturn – new tool for generating an exact profile and visualizing function calling behavior

* BigTop – graphing front end to top, vm_stat command line tools

* PMC Index – new tool to search for performance counter events and their configuration

* CHUDUpdater – automatically keeps your CHUD distribution up to date

* And of course all of the CHUD tools fully support the PowerMac G5 and Panther (10.3) developer preview.

Es necesario tener instalado Jaguar o Panther.

Puedes descargarlo desde Apple.

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