Mozilla 1.3

Nueva versión de uno de los navegadores de más uso entre los usuarios de MacOSX.

En esta nueva actualización se han corregido los siguientes problemas:

* Mozilla Mail has junk-mail classification. With some initial “training” the client can identify and segregate spam messages from good messages. To see more about Mozilla’s junk-mail classification, visit the Mozilla Spam Filtering page.

* Newsgroup filters have been implemented.

* An initial implementation of Mozilla Midas, rich text editing controls, have landed in Mozilla for 1.3. See the Midas page for more information.

* Image auto sizing allows a user to toggle between full-sized images and images sized to fit the browser window. To give it a try, load a large image into the browser window or size the window to be much smaller. Now clicking on the image will alternate between auto-sized and full-sized.The feature can be disabled (or enabled) from the Appearance panel in Preferences.

* Users can now “dynamically” switch profiles. To give it a try, from the tools menu select “Switch Profile…”

* Find as you type, formerly known as type ahead find, has a new preferences panel (Advanced: Keyboard Navigation).

* When installed, Chatzilla now has a normal Mozilla preferences panel.

* Mozilla 1.3 also includes fixes for performance, standards compliance and site compatability.

Puedes descargarlo desde versiontracker (15,2 Mb).

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