MacReporter 1.1.3

Nueva versión de uno de los lectores de noticias con más uso dentro del mundo Mac.

En esta nueva versión se corrigen los siguientes problemas:

– Much cleaner and cooperative Launcher based upon AppleScript. This should result in fewer conflicts with third-party tools such as DockFun.

– More robust plug-in loader, that should put an end to plug-in file naming problems.

– The plug-in update dialog will now only pop-up when there are updated plug-ins. No more annoyance!

– HTML entities are now handled by MacReporter itself, this should result in fewer title artifacts.

– Ordering by date should now behave as expected.

– Removed some memory leaks.

– The auto-update time unit has been changed from hours to days.

– The refresh rate has been capped to 30 minutes.

– No more depecration warnings under newer versions of Mac OS X.

– Added flags for Mexico and Brazil.

– Italian localization.

– Synched with the latest curl build (7.10.3).

– Various bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Esta nueva versión se puede descargar desde el site de inferiis.

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