La jefa de recursos humanos de Apple manda un correo a los empleados sobre diversidad e inclusión

La vicepresidenta de Recursos Humanos de Apple, Denise Young-Smith, ha enviado un correo a los empleados de Apple la semana pasada acerca de la diversidad y la inclusión en la compañía. El correo es una continuación de las diferentes iniciativas de Apple a este respecto.

A mediados de agosto, Apple publicó información sobre la diversidad entre sus empleados y celebró varios eventos para facilitar la inclusión. Denise Young-Smith fue promocionada a vicepresidenta de Recursos Humanos a primeros de este año.

Este es el correo electrónico que Denise Young-Smith ha enviado a los empleados de Apple.


Tim has kicked off an ongoing conversation about inclusion and diversity at Apple. No matter what our role is or where we sit, this is important and meaningful to all of us, to our customers, and to those who are considering a career at Apple.

The “In Your Voice” feedback we’ve received has been nothing less than what we’d expect: authentic, impassioned, and broadly representative of our diversity of thought and perspectives from around the world. And we’re grateful for it.

Many of you shared stories about how Apple’s culture of inclusion changed the course of your life, whether personally or professionally: “I was over 55 when I was hired. My hiring manager looked beyond my age and hair color and saw me for what I am: an energetic, hard-working individual up for the Apple challenge. Thank you.” “I am rewarded for being and thinking differently. My point of view is appreciated in this environment, whereas in previous experiences and environments, my point of view seemed to be something others had to deal with.”

A few of you compared Apple to the United Nations, describing your daily routine of hearing many languages spoken around you at work and benefitting from global viewpoints.

You told us where Apple could be doing better. You said that your teams and your managers could do more to be inclusive. This often manifests itself in subtle ways — from the words we choose, to how we hire, to how we engage one another and develop others. We all bring with us a life experience that makes us unique, yet colors how we view others and the world around us. We can all benefit from enhanced awareness of how our actions affect others.

Some of you shared that you don’t feel as connected as you would like to your teams or to initiatives that feel removed from your location. You also want to hear from and connect with the many amazing role models in our organization. These are areas we can greatly improve upon and we will. We must.

We believe to our core that inclusion inspires our very best innovations. As one of you put it, “Diversity is essential to making sure our products are great for all humanity. When our teams are diverse, we make noticeably better products for the world.”

Along with that, we know that we need to demonstrate an active commitment to inclusion in our day-to-day work to fully leverage the richness of our diversity.

We’re going to continue this conversation and others that further the dialogue on innovation, inclusion, and of course, why we are all here: to make an impact and do our very best work. Together.

We welcome your thoughts and ideas as we move forward.


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