Logic Pro X 10.2.2

Junto con esta actualización, Apple ha publicado un artículo en su base de datos y conocimientos en los que detalla con producida los cambios realizados en esta actualización a la aplicación, además de acompañar estos datos con los cambios realizados en la versión anterior, 10.2.1.

Novedades para la versión 10.2.2

New Features/Enhancements

  • Logic now offers a new preference pane (Control Surfaces > MIDI Controllers) that allows the automatic assignment of controls for supported USB MIDI control devices to be enabled and disabled.


Includes several improvements to Logic’s stability, including, but not limited to:

Logic no longer sometimes quits unexpectedly when:

  • At startup there are aliases in the path to the Alchemy database or presets, or if the Alchemy database has been set to Read-only
  • Displaying a content download progress bar
  • Opening a Channel EQ plug-in window from Logic Remote
  • A project containing an open Score text box is closed
  • Opening the Audio File Editor with a key command when running in Japanese
  • Opening the Plug-in Manger if there is a custom display name for a plug-in that contains more than 2 spaces
  • Grouping files in the Audio Bin
  • Option-dragging a folder stack

Logic no longer sometimes stops responding when:

  • Canceling a download while previewing an Apple Loop in the Loop Browser
  • Using VoiceOver to interact with the Mixer
  • Clicking on the Library tab with a software instrument track selected and an instance of Melodyne 4 inserted on an audio track


  • Rubber band selection of MIDI Draw data in the Piano Roll now works correctly when the selection is started outside the boundaries of the region.
  • Dragging is now restricted to the vertical direction when pressing Control + Shift while dragging a note in the Flex Pitch editor to move it more than one semitone.


  • Automation of Stereo Delay and Tape Delay created in Logic Pro X 10.2 or older now plays back correctly in Logic Pro X 10.2.2 or later.


  • Creating tracks from the Mixer no longer unexpectedly changes their output setting.


  • The display for IR waveforms in Space Designer now updates immediately when loading a preset or reversing an IR.
  • User added Space Designer impulse responses copied from one computer to another are now reliably found on the destination computer.
  • Logic again can open instances of Altiverb 7.1 or earlier.


  • It is again possible to use strike-through text in the Score editor.


  • Audio from an open movie no longer mutes unexpectedly when the playhead is touched.
  • Right or Control-clicking a movie window again opens a contextual menu as expected.


  • MIDI input now works with Roland A49 and A88 USB keyboards.
  • Playback in Cycle mode now remains in sync when using latency causing plug-ins.
  • Playing MIDI data into Logic after stopping no longer clears data from the Capture Last Recording buffer.
  • The Orchestral and Music for Picture project templates are again available when the Orchestral content is installed.
  • Audio recordings made by punching in and out in Cycle mode with the Create Track preference set for overlapping recordings are now reliably in sync.
  • All key commands are now functioning as expected while Logic downloads additional content.
  • Moving one or more regions and then performing undo no longer causes them to be unselected.
  • The Follow Tempo check box is again available in the region inspector after detecting the tempo of the region.
  • It is again possible to load tempo information stored in an audio file into the Logic project.
  • The Playhead again scrolls smoothly when zoomed out on large projects.
  • Strip Silence again delivers consistent results when reapplied with the same settings.
  • All menus now open reliably on computers running OS X 10.9.5.
  • It is again possible to move a region on a software instrument track that is adjacent to a track stack to a different position along the time line without the region being inadvertently moved into the track stack.
  • Dragging the left edge of an audio region with Snap to Zero Crossing enabled no longer sometimes causes the waveform display to make it look as though the region content has shifted.
  • In region solo mode, all sends now sound as expected when selecting regions on different tracks.
  • Clicking in the Timeline now correctly positions the Playhead when Skip Cycle is enabled.
  • It is again possible to type in a value higher than +6db in the Region Gain parameter.
  • Stopping playback with the Transport no longer unexpectedly re-enables Catch Playhead Position when it has been disabled in the Toolbar.
  • After deleting a take when recording to a group of audio channels, Logic no longer sometimes disarms recording for all but the selected track and shows an incorrect “Multiple channels of this recording group have identical input setting”.
  • Audio input monitoring now works with Varispeed active when the Multithreading preference Playback & Live Tracks is activated.
  • When opened with an empty audio track, the Audio Track Editor no longer opens near its maximum zoom level.
  • The Playhead now cycles correctly when the Audio > Devices > Multithreading preference is set to Playback Tracks.
  • The Scroll to Selection key command again works during playback.
  • The 2/3 option for Detect Tempo now works as expected.
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